Windows XP Professional SP3 (x86) July 2012 Free Download


                   Windows XP Professional SP3 (x86) July 2012 Final Free Download |Size:- 560 MB




Windows XP Professional , Which delivers a reliable foundation to keep your computer up and running when you need it most. Not only This the operating system is more reliable, it also Offers Great Features that make it much faster and easier to recover from system problems. Windows XP Professional, the new standard in reliability and performance is designed for businesses of all sizes, and for individuals who demand the most from their computing experience.

This is the original Windows XP Professional SP3 (32-bit) ISO from Microsoft. Including Microsoft updates Till 12.07.2012, Internet Explorer 8, Adobe Flash Player 11.3 and SATA drivers.

Exclusive In The Release?

Basically, when you get a normal copy of windows XP, you will need, for best performance and security updates, a service pack, known as Service Pack 3. The service pack enables your Windows XP Pro to do much  more than it can, and give you satisfying results out of it. But usually when we buy Windows XP Pro or download it, we usually do not have the latest updates, and when you update, or install the latest service pack, your computer gets a permanent logo of "Counterfeit Version of Windows", which is a big problem. For that purpose,
The version of windows provided in this post has all the latest updates, and is properly activated, and you can even turn-on windows update. This way, you will feel a genuine look of your good ol' Windows XP Pro. Also while installing any normal windows XP Pro, you need a serial key. This version needs nothing. Remember that this is not any cracked version of Windows. This is a genuine copy being supplied by Microsoft these days, as Windows XP Pro has grown a bit older for them, and now they just supply one copy (which is properly activated and genuine). The Windows passes all genuine tests, and nothing has been taking out of the install.

To download Windows Xp Pro, Just hit the Download button Above. The file has a huge size, about 620MB. So I have provided for you a Mediafire Link, Which U Can Directly Download By Clicking The Download Button.

Usage Instructions:

Download the Three Parts Of Windows Xp Provided by hitting the download button above. The Three Files Contains an .iso file (also known as an image file). Which U Have to Extract From Any One Of The File By Using WinRar Software, After Extracting Burn that file using Nero (or an other image burning program such as PowerISO or MagicISO). All of these programs can be downloaded from this blog. For burning an Iimage file, see the Instructions listed in Windows Help category. Anyway, After successfully Burned, Insert the disc, and Install.

Note: You will not be by any means, but if you are prompted for a serial key, don't panic... Just restart the setup...!

Most Important (Update): 
This is the latest Windows XP from Microsoft, and Microsoft wont be updating it in the future... So we can refer to this as the final version. It is therefore recommended to turn off automatic updating, otherwise you might be marked as software counterfeiting.

This release is the best you could find on the net, because it's just simple:

Because It Contains None Of It  

  •    Tweaks or add-ons.
  •    Additional programs and software added.
  •    Graphics, scripts and wallpapers added or changed.
  •    Serial needed during installation, the key is already inserted. ed.
It's just the original image from MicrosOft except updates, IE8, Adobe Flash Player 11,Windows Messenger, MSN Explorer 

 System requirements:
  • Pentium 233-megahertz (MHz) processor or faster (300 MHz is recommended).
  • At least 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM (128 MB is recommended).
  • At least 1.5 gigabytes (GB) of available space on the hard disk.
  • Video adapter and monitor with Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution.


Anonymous said...

why is it wrong password???

please replay

john pau said...

what is zip password

Anonymous said...

the pass is

Anonymous said...

Tryed to install but it asks me for a product key what did I do wrong

Anonymous said...

Ran setup 3 times it pops up requesting product key is there
something Im doing wrong.

Ken Vice said...

password is

Anonymous said...

what is zip pass ?

osama mahmoud said...

what is the product key answer please

Shardul Mahmud said...

In the link it is showing two part. Do I have to downland both of them and extract both of them than write into a CD?plz... help me...

huusugdt said...

osama mahmoud, first we must know what edition of windows xp pro is this, it is not same keys for retail, oem or volume license.
why even download something like this when no full information is provided

Sharoz Ali said...

tryed to install but it ask me for product key

Rajmohan K said...

this password ( also wrong. Please give me correct password.

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usman malik said...

tryed to install but it ask me for product key

Genuine Windows XP 2012 License Keys With WGA crack

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repair option include

jeet jasowalia said...

repair option include.........xp

Suraj Sharma said...

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Grzegorz Feliksik said...

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