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AVP: Evolution v1.2.6 (.apk) Game Free Download



             AVP: Evolution v1.2.6 Android Game Free Download | Size:-285 MB



The deadliest creatures in the universe face off for the first time on your phone and tablet. Play as both the Alien and Predator in this official game brought to you by Angry Mob Games, the creators of PREDATORS™, Guerrilla Bob and Muffin Knight.

On a distant planet, the blood feud between Predator clans continues to rage. In a final attempt to eradicate the Jungle Hunter Clan, the Super Predators secure the capabilities of an unlikely and unwilling species, the Aliens. As an Alien, you must ultimately destroy the Super Predators and free your species from enslavement. As a Jungle Hunter Predator, you must eliminate the Alien Queen in order to prevent the Super Predators from annihilating your clan.

*Two distinct gaming experiences as you engage in the ultimate battle as both the Alien and Predator
*Vicious attacks and brutal finishing moves give players a lethal arsenal to wreak havoc on the enemy

*Engineer your own unique Alien and Predator via character upgrades, enhanced abilities, and a multitude of powerful armor and weapons
*Gain the advantage in battle with Facehugger Calls, Rage Rechargers, Net Guns, Proximity Mines, Thermal Vision, Alien Vision, Plasma Cannons and much more

*It’s kill or be killed as you advance through the Temple Arena, Marine Base, Alien Hive and many other eerie settings

*Rich detail, impressive character models and distinctive lighting
Optimized for MOGA controllers!

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf v3.0.2 (.apk) Game Free Download



                Joe Dever's Lone Wolf v3.0.2  Android Game Free Download | Size:-792 MB



It's time for summer sales!
Lone Wolf is now free.
Special Launch Deal: Season Pass, including all four acts, is 20% off for a limited time.

"Half gamebook and half action RPG, Joe Dever's Lone Wolf is one adventure that fans of either genre will enjoy from start to finish" –
"Lone Wolf has got my attention and I definitely want to see more" – TouchArcade
"Lone Wolf […] is highly exceptional and unique" – 148apps
ACT 3 – The Shianti Halls

“You steel yourself for the journey ahead. The power in the Shianti Temple still echoes through your mind like distant thunder, a pulse of timeless magic that reels you in and yet warns you to stay away.”
As you make your way to the enemy fortress of V’taag, you find yourself in the Shianti Temple, a place of great power and mystery. Your enemies now occupy these subterranean halls, but you will face many other challenges as well.
The legacy of the renegade necromancers that lived here is strong as ever: will you prove worthy to tread on these ancient stones?

Classic dungeon adventuring awaits you in the 3rd Act of the series! New characters to meet, traps and curses, powerful artefacts to conquer… You’ll find it all in the Shianti Halls!
Last but not least, you will have the chance to test your mettle against the Vordak. These undead sorcerers has haunted the worst nightmares of countless generations of Kai Lords. You are next!


Lone Wolf is back, as a video game series with a brand-new story, a new combat system, stunning graphics and much more! Make meaningful choices and carve your own path through this epic non-linear story. Test your strength with the dynamic turn-based combat system, prove your skill with the lock-picking minigame and accept the challenge of wits posed by the mysterious Shianti Cube!
The author Joe Dever has been working with the studio, involving himself in the story writing so it fits with the original continuity, while also shedding a new light on the fabled world of Magnamund.
For Sommerlund and the Kai!

***Unlock Act 3 in the in-game shop or pre-purchase all episodes with the Season Pass. If you have already purchased the Season Pass, Act 3 will be launched automatically when you finish Act 2 or when you load a proper game save.

- A brand-new adventure written by Joe Dever!
- New contents, hand-drawn illustrations, 3D locations and powerful enemies enrich your adventure with the release of every new Act -discover what “The Shianti Halls” hold for you
- Enhanced gamebook experience through stunning 3D graphics, with a deep and dark redesign of Lone Wolf, his world and his enemies
- Create your character and try out different combinations of Kai Disciplines, traits and gear
- Write your own story through multiple choices
- A real combat system, where your prowess really counts –no random number table or dice to throw!
- 3 different difficulty levels to make the experience more accessible -or more challenging!
- The legendary Sword of the Sun, now with 3 different attacks
- A real medieval tome with hand-drawn illustrations
- Lockpicking and puzzle mechanics to add an extra layer of skill and strategy
- Play again, make different choices and explore new paths and fighting styles!
- Cloud saving features 

Empire State Building v1.0 (.apk) Game Free Download



              Empire State Building v1.0  Android Game Free Download | Size: 107 MB



Monuments are the pride of the country they belong to. This Empire State Building app will provide you all the details about the famous monument. The Empire State Building is situated in Manhattan, New York City and is a 103-story skyscraper . It stood as the world's tallest building for nearly 40 years, from its completion in early 1931 until the topping out of the original World Trade Center's North Tower in late 1970. The Empire State Building is generally thought of as an American cultural icon and is a must visit.
The Empire State Building app will provide you a vivid detailed storyline along with highlighting the key features of the monument. The Empire State Building app also consists of maps that will help you locate the monument. It also comprises of a number of images of Empire State Building taken from various angles by some photographers. This mobile app will act as a guide to you consisting videos explaining the creativity and the essence of the place.

The Empire State Building app also provides information on the visiting hours and the entry fee that is charged from all tourists who come from all around the world to see one of the wonders of the world.


1. The app will let you locate the monument easily.
2. It contains videos explaining the monument.
3. The app explains the history and the story behind the place.

Senda and the Glutton Dragon v1.0 (.apk) Game Free Download



            Senda and the Glutton Dragon v1.0 Android Game Free Download | Size:-171 MB



Welcome to Senda and the Glutton Dragon!
Share with your kids the experience of a magic world with Senda and her friends. An interactive reading that makes kids meet incredible places, amazing characters and creatures, and enjoy memorable interactive moments.

This app will help your kid understand the importance of a varied alimentation and will encourage him to eat vegetables, as the Glutton Dragon does.
Senda and the Glutton Dragon helps children with their reading and compressive skills, develops imagination and creativity through the story and fun moments that it offers.

Let the prince do the cooking, feed the Glutton Dragon and of course, save the princess!
Senda and the Glutton Dragon is the perfect app for parents and kids to spend time together.


  • Exciting and charming illustrations to explore, fully loaded with interactive elements.
  • Text-highlighting to support emerging and early readers.
  • All text and voices revised and adapted with educational purposes.
  • Interactive sequences to help the kid interact with the story directly. Someone needs to feed the dragon! Let your kid be the one.
  • Lot of interactions, with animations, sound, effects and other elements that make a nice whole experience, and help the child’s hand-eye coordination.
  • Dozens of animations, so every scene is always in movement and with things happening.
  • Senda and the Glutton Dragon features six different languages, so practicing a new language is integrated into the fun of a memorable story.
  • Several charming music songs along the App, adapted to the mood of the story.

Crazy Taxi™ City Rush v1.0.1 (.apk) Game Free Download



              Crazy Taxi™ City Rush v1.0.1 Android Game Free Download | Size:-70 MB



Crazy Taxi™ City Rush is the ALL-NEW sequel of SEGA’s legendary action franchise. It’s FREE and designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!

"This is one ride that's definitely worth taking." - CNET
"You definitely want to hail this one down..." - AppAddict
"...worth your attention..." - IGN
"...unique spin on something you already know and love..." - Gamezebo
"...a city teeming with personality." - Modojo

Speed, drift, whip around corners, weave through traffic, up ramps and into the air. The crazier you drive the higher your rewards.


For the first time ever, fully customize your very own crazy taxi. Increase its power and visual appeal with a wide variety of over-the-top upgrades and looks. Then collect a whole fleet of cabs.

Master the streets of the big city to speed up your times. Meet new and classic characters. Even drive your Facebook friends crazy -- take them for a ride and compete for best cabbie on the planet.

Crazy Taxi City Rush Features:

• Intuitive one-touch driving controls
• All-new city to master and explore
• All-new cast of crazy passengers
• Crazy variety of special missions and challenges
• Expand the city for higher pay and crazier routes
• Drive crazy to music from your personal library
• Portrait and landscape modes

Lost Toys v0.4 (.apk) Game Free Download



                          Lost Toys v0.4 Android Game Free Download | Size:-115 MB



Lost Toys is a mentally engaging 3D puzzle game of profound beauty, depth and challenge. Toys are lost, broken, or forgotten. Fixing them promises to right this hauntingly gorgeous chamber and restore the childhood innocence that has been lost.

It’s also the first game from the two-person indie team Barking Mouse Studio.
* Winner Best Game Design Award at Sense of Wonder Night 2013
* Winner Most Artistic at Codame Indie Games Developers Showcase 2013
* Gamer’s Voice Nominee SXSW Games 2014

“The visuals on Lost Toys are incredible.” — Codame
“Lost Toys is the type of game you rarely see on mobile and tablet, which is why it seems so refreshing.” — Indie Haven

Spiral down to discover a surreal world populated by discarded, mixed-up toys hanging lifelessly from the ceiling. Reconstruct the jumbled toys to reveal their original shapes to progress through 4 chapters and 32 levels in this gothic masterpiece. The more levels you fix the harder they get.

— Spin the petrified wooden toy in full 3D to study it from every angle.
— Learn the intuitive controls through discovery.
— Two play modes, standard and unlimited.
— Rotate the scrambled pieces in the proper order to unravel the childhood toy.
— Only a few moves are ever necessary. Undo by tapping the filled circles.
— There are no timers, points, or scores. You won't miss them.
— Tap the (?) if you grow weary of the challenge, or avoid it altogether for a real brain bender.
— Replay levels as many times as you like. The toys are reshuffled each time.

Chaos Ride - Episode 1 v1.1 (.apk) Game Free Download



              Chaos Ride - Episode 1 v1.1 Android Game Free Download | Size:-73 MB



Race neon hover-bikes through a futuristic city at 600mph!
Chaos Ride is a futuristic arcade racing game, which throws out a lot of the common conventions of the genre. Braking, drifting, and cornering are all irrelevant here - the game is entirely about launching your vehicle around the tracks at insane speeds.

You play by driving along tubular-shaped tracks. By shifting your weight around the track through careful positioning, you can build momentum and gain speed (for example, downhill gradients will cause you to accelerate, riding up the inside wall of a bend will make you accelerate, etc). This is easier said than done, with five combatants all attempting the same thing in a high-speed race.
This is the first of multiple episodic releases. Episode 1 is set in a city, and future releases will provide different environments and tracks.

- Extremely fast gameplay.
- High-fidelity graphics.
- Six tracks (three tracks with forward and reverse variations).
- Five game modes: Race, Marathon, Eliminator, Time Trial, and Survival.
- Fifteen time/score-attack challenges per track. 90 unique elements of gameplay in total.
- Vehicle customisation. Tune your vehicle to deliver the best speeds for each track.
- Unlockable content. Come first in events to unlock more customisation options.

NOTE: Because the game does a lot with graphics, a relatively modern device is required to enjoy the game experience as intended. The game will run on older devices, but the resultant diminished frame rate and speed will impact the gameplay. Any device created in the last two years is recommended to play this game (if your device is old enough not to support Android 4, it almost definitely won't work).
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